To Build-up and Restore the Body of Christ

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Select the applicable Course Group on the menu below to view more details such as course content, prerequisites and pricing concerning each course. More details on starting times and registrations can be viewed on our Itinerary page.

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Performing Arts Courses Presented:

Face to Face
This course teaches the student to praise and worship God, using dance as a medium and not just music and song. Only a few basic techniques are taught as the focus is on spontaneous worship to God. During these classes the student will experience God’s touch on his/her life, which will transform them and deepen their relationship with the Lord. The course is presented on an individual basis only.

Dance, Drama and Productions
This course lays some important foundations on dance and drama and the use there of as an instrument in Praise and worship, intercession and ministry. Theoretical and technical practical aspects are fought in this course.
Subjects included are:
  • Dance and Drama basics - Kingdom culture vs worldly culture
  • The role of Dance in Praise and Worship
  • The stage and stage usage
  • Basic Drama technique
  • Choreography
  • Foundations for a ministry group
  • Productions: The Producer, Director, Stage manager
  • Performance etiquette
  • Public relations

Basic Flags
These classes teach specific techniques for the instruments as well as laying a biblical foundation of why we use banners in church.
Subjects included are:
  • Hands as Banners
  • Altars - Banners in the Spirit
  • Prophecies as banners
  • What do Banners do?
  • Dancing with flags
  • Basic flag technique

Advanced Flags
Advanced technique as well as ministry flow is taught.

Basic Tambourines 
These classes teach specific techniques and scriptural basis for using tambourines. (Currently only 10 tambourines available).

Advanced Tambourine 
Advanced technique as well as ministry flow is taught.

Ribbons and cloth work
These classes teach specific techniques for the different instruments.

Dance and Intercession
This course focuses specifically on using dance in intercession. Students are exposed to a totally new way of intercession through dance and will also experience a deepening in their own life. (Not less than 5 people). The Dance Foundation course is a prerequisite for this course.
To set up an intercessory dance group please contact us for further information.