To Build-up and Restore the Body of Christ

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Establishing Patterns For Breakthrough Series

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This course is so designed as to bring new perspectives on worship and to help the participant draw into a more intimate relationship with God. It is important to understand protocols of the Spirit realm so that we can function accurately in heavenly places during worship. The focus is not just on worship teams, but also the individual who has a need for a breakthrough in their relationship with God.

Topics include:
  • A Lifestyle of Worship
  • The Tabernacle - A Process of Entering In
  • A New Order of Worship
  • A New Covenant: What is the Difference between the Old and New Covenants?
  • How a Church can enter into a New Order of Worship
  • Throne room worship
  • The Purpose of the Dimensions of Worship around the Throne
  • Protocol for entering into the Spirit World
  • What Happens when you are in the Spirit World?
  • Vision of the earthly Church
  • The Heavenly Church

Cost: N$ 250.00 pp including manual and Saturday lunch.
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Additional to this Worship Course is the opportunity for us to work with your church and worship team to transition to the next level. Topics that will be dealt with are as follows:

Praise & Worship leading:
  • Worship Practice
  • Practical Tips for Sunday Service
Praise & Worship Patterns:
  • God’s Leadership Pattern for Praise & Worship
  • Responsibilities for the individual team members: Worship Team Leader; Song Leader; The Team; Sound Engineer
Spirit Dimensions:
  • Revelation of the Open Heavens and what to do
  • How to work with songs
  • How to write songs that capture the atmosphere
Practical Training

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Spiritual Authority

Questions such as: ‘How do we break through cycles of defeat in our lives?’ and ‘What is really happening in the spiritual realm?’ are some of the questions that are dealt with in this course.

Topics include:
  • Relationship with God: Man at Creation; The fall of man
  • 8 Basic principles for living a life of Victory:
  • Understand and move in the revelation of the person of Christ
  • Understand and move in the revelation of the complete work of Christ (7 aspects)
  • Moving from a sinner’s mentality to living as a son
  • Deal with all lies and false perceptions
  • Stay in relationship with God
  • Walk in the Authority given to you by Christ
  • Expect persecution
  • Understand Satan's true position, strength and limitations but never treat him with disrespect
  • Heavenly Places
  • Fallen Angels and Demons
  • The Patterns of Satanic Attack
  • Our Weapons of Warfare (25)

Cost: N$ 250.00 pp including manual and Saturday lunch.
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Demolishing Strongholds

Spiritual warfare is not just about confronting the demonic kingdom, but rather about establishing God’s Kingdom on earth. The 'Spiritual Authority' course is a prerequisite for this course.

Topics include:
  • Battlefield of the Mind - True vs False
  • Dealing with Familiar Spirits
  • The Prevailing Church
  • Revelations that shape the Governing Church
  • Accurate and Effective Intercession
  • The Acts principle
  • Various Types of Manifestations
  • Ministry Training for the Church
  • Ministering Salvation, Healing and ‘Deliverance’.

Cost: N$ 250.00 pp including manual and Saturday lunch.
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