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2017 Prophetic word by Dr. Jonathan David over South Africa


2016 Prophetic Word


2014 Prophetic word by Dr Jonathan David


Namibia; Move into High Visibility and Maximum Impact!

In June 2017 Dr Jonathan David gave a second Prophetic Word over South Africa. The following is a summary thereof.

Dr Jonathan David is the founder of a governing kingdom church in Muar, Malaysia. He is the presiding Apostle of the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches, a network of governing churches in 40 nations. He is been recognised by apostles and prophets around the world. He prophesied November 2016 concerning changes in South Africa, and received a further word June 2017.

The Holy Spirit is here!
I prophesy to you, South Africa. There is a new dimension of life beginning to break out causing people from every tribe and kindred to come together. I see inspired Spirit-led people coming together from different directions like never before, an amazing movement. The wind of the Holy Spirit is coming, Africa is going to change and will become a clear model. The frequency of the Spirit is going to come strong into the lives of men and women. South Africa, hear God’s Voice because a new day has come. God is going to cause South Africa to become the inspiration, heart of, and model pattern to Namibia, Zambia, and the African Continent. The Holy Spirit will begin to show that within a brief period of time.
There are five things God spoke concerning South Africa:

Firstly, this is an inspired people’s movement that is growing in momentum and spirit. This movement will be united by the Spirit; there will be no prejudice because people will see a higher pattern; God’s pattern – a new template running the nation to fulfil its Divine destiny showing the way to the rest of Africa and the world. It will look like nobody’s leading this movement, but it is being led from Heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Lord Himself will begin to speak; there will be many visitations of angels and manifestations of the Spirit, not only in churches throughout the land also in rural areas, small villages, squatter camps, and Soweto. I see the Spirit of God move beginning to stir the hearts of mothers crying for their children – children crying for their parents, wanting hope and freedom. God is doing an amazing work. There is an agreement in the Spirit world; the Holy Spirit is collecting this consensus, speaking to human hearts, testifying this is the message of hope. South Africa will never be the same again.

Power of prayer
Secondly, the Holy Spirit will create a tremendous power of prayer breaking out across South Africa amongst many nations in Africa. This is just the beginning of the end of the enemy’s rule. God is coming to the nation. A prophetic word is going forth; an instruction is given to the people so they will undergird it in prayer. The word spoken in prophecy is going to be birthed in prayer and carried into the place of fulfilment.

Violence is coming to an end
Thirdly, violence is coming to an end, will be stopped. Instead of the machete the word and sword of the Lord will be in their hands. The blood thirsty devil will be under our feet. When over one million people gathered to pray all of Heaven responded, all of hell trembled. This people’s movement is going to be so powerful, undergirded by prayer and intercession, and will be given the keys of the kingdom.

God’s government
Fourthly; the hardest. The streams will merge into a river. Men standing in high places in the spiritual kingdom in the church, in denominations that will prevent this from happening God will remove one by one beginning this year. 2017 is the year of God’s government coming into South Africa. The church holds the major key in doing what needs to be done beginning now until the election in 2019. In the church, people’s minds are going to change, they want to see the nation being blessed.

Stabilised currency
Fifthly, God will stabilise the South African currency; it will not go into freefall. The nation’s economy is going to be steadier and steadier and the only way to explain it; God is the God of currencies, He holds the destiny of nations in His hands.

Hope will rise – Africa will turn
“I am the Lord God Almighty, I will act on My behalf and do what needs to be done. A new day, a new dawning is coming”. It is not time to run away or to be afraid. God will push back the spirit of darkness. Hope will arise in Africa. Africa will turn. Let the leaders who are corrupt fear. The Lion of Judah is rising; He’s entering the terrain of South Africa.
6 Fundamental Truths of the Kingdom of God for the Church
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6 Fundamental Truths of the Kingdom of God for the Church - Ps Günther Schenk
Price - N$70.00

There are very import an principles that the Body of Christ need to lay hold of concerning the Kingdom of God. 6 Of these are highlighted in this teaching.
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7-9-5 - Ps Günther Schenk
Price - N$100.00

7-9-5 is a dynamic teaching explaining what the Motivational Gifts, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Five-fold Ministry are about and how each of these three very important ‘groupings’ of gifts are to function within the body of Christ.
Building Leaders for Destiny (2009-2016)
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Building Leaders for Destiny 2009 to 2016 - Ps Günther & Beatrix Schenk
Price - N$100.00

Building Leaders for Destiny is a 3 day intensive training school challenging Christians to move to the next level in their relationship with God.

Each year has a different theme and builds upon the previous year.
Interpreting Dreams & Visions
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Interpreting Dreams and Visions - Ps Beatrix Schenk
Price - N$70.00

Interpreting Dreams and Visions discusses important aspects of not just how to interpret dreams & visions but also the importance of having the ‘Mind of Christ’ so that every interpretation can be accurate according to God’s word.